June 27, 2010


Megan and I had a rather random but fun Saturday afternoon. We went to books-a-million and met Mary Engelbreit! 

Now I had been up for around 24hours at this point, so please excuse how exhausted I look. She was very very nice and I told her how my mom was a huge fan and had alot of the same artist influences when she was younger. I was able to get two cards signed, one for mom and one for her best friend, Christy. Mary misspelled Christy's name but I hoping she won't mind too much! 

All in all, it turned out to be a great afternoon!! 


  1. mom is going to faint in pure joy over this

  2. It's crazy that you/your family LOVES ME!! I have loved her since I was a girl, and you won't believe what my aunt sent me in the mail this week!? ME file folders - random, but only not because she always said I looked like Ann Estel, one of ME's characters!! Great to catch up!

  3. Hey Girl!! I miss your posts! Hope all is going well with you both :o)